Our Activities

Blue print of programmes to be undertaken by The Jangal Mahal Udyog :

  1. To bring all lovers of Jangal Mahal under one umbrella.
  2. To enlive and bring before the public the dwindling culture of Jangal Mahal.
  3. To organise annual cultural meet in each district rotationally and to organise ‘ JANGAL MAHAL UTSAV ‘ in Kolkata on Saturday and Sunday in the month of November every year Exhibition – cum – Sale of crafts and cottage industry product.
  4. To organise an education , health and hygiene , social and environment consciousness camp once in a month in the district level rotationally.
  5. To build ‘ FOLK – CULTURAL PLATFORM ‘ in every district.
  6. To arrange month by health – check – up camp and mobile medical service in remote areas.
  7. To publish four – pages monthly edition and annual number of ‘SHALFOOL’ the literary organ of Jangal Mahal.
  8. To assist the poor and needy people of Jangal Mahal coming to Kolkata for higher education and medical treatment.
  9. To form self – help co – operative groups for collection , presentation Of marketing of local products and to encourage handicrafts and cottage industries.
  10. To prevent drop – out from schools and to ensure 100% attendance of children in Anganwari Sishu Shiksha kendras and Primary School.
  11. To ensure construction and use of easy and economic latrins and lavatories among all people of the area.
  12. To encourage afforestation , preservation of forests to avoid plastics , liquors , tobaccos and other harmful addictions.
  13. To arrange for the financial assistance to the students of Jangal Mahal on means – cum – merit basis.
  14. To explore game and sports talents of Jangal Mahal and to arrange for their training and orientation.
  15. To arrange for vocational training for the willing people.
  16. To earmark and solve the problems of drinking water , irrigation, communication , marketing of local products with the help of administration.
  17. To add and highlight the tourist spots of Jangal Mahal in the tourism map of West Bengal.