Mr. Nalini Bera
Hon. President
Mr. Surajit Sengupta
Working President
Mr. Priyabrata Bera
General Secretary


The common place picture of Jangal Mahal prevalent in society is her poverty and economic backwardness . But this is a part of whole aspect created by national deprivation and neglect. The other part of the picture is her rich and divercified cultural heritage which is deeply–rooted in Bengal. This part of Jangal Mahal remains unknown and in the dark for the remaining part of our country. The Jangal Mahal Udyog came into existence with a view to highlighting the rich and deverified cultural heritage of the region before all and at the same time standing by the common people who have been deprived and neglected for years together.


THE JANGAL MAHAL UDYOG is a meeting and working platform for the sons of soil , the persons of the area who are employed elsewhere and the people who are employed in this area from other areas – no matter whether ex or in – service. So anybody can come forward to be a part parcel of the Udyog in order to bring the folk culture and the backward , helpless , hopeless people of the area to the mainstream of life and living.

Aims And Objectives Of Jangal Mahal Udyog :

The fast annihilating and quick preventing folk-culture of the aboriginal and tribal of Jangal Mahal such as TUSU , BHADU , AHIRA , JHUMUR , CHOU , GAJAN , PAT , NATUA , CHARIA CHARIANI , BHUANG , JHAPAL , CHANG , PATA NAACH , SANTALI NAACH , PAIK PANCHALI , BALOK SANGEET , KIRTAN , YATRA-PALA draw the attention of Jangal Mahal Udyog . To keep cultural pursuits alive and help those to thrive Jangal Mahal desire to build a ‘ FOLK-CULTURAL STAGE ‘ in the sub-divisional level and to organise for presentation of those cultural aspect in the district level at least once in a year culminating in a central show in Kolkata.